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+ Scots star reveals saucy season of telly bonkbusters
Date : 16th September 2003, Publication : The Sun

+ Julie Cox as Annabella Milbanke in BYRON
Date : 26 August 2003, Publication : BBC.co.uk

+ Julie Cox biography for CHILDREN OF DUNE
Date : February 2003, Publication : Scifi.com

+ A conversation with Julie Cox (Claudia in KING OF TEXAS)
Date : winter 2002, Publication : TNT.tv

+ Julie Cox biography by TNT for KING OF TEXAS
Date : winter 2002, Publication : TNT.tv

+ Julie Cox interview : Frank Herbert's DUNE
Date : winter 2000, Publication : Scifiuk.com

+ Julie Cox gives DUNE the royal treatment
Date : winter 2000, Publication : Scifi.com

+ DUNE's Princess Irulan speaks
Date : November 2000, Publication : Space.com

+ The actress on playing the enigmatic Princess Irulan
Date : 4 December 2000, Publication : Cinescape.com

+ Julie Cox biography for DUNE
Date : November 2000, Publication : Scifi.com

+ Julie Cox biography for ALEGRIA
Date : winter 1998, Publication : Firstlookmedia.com

+ London's wild British actor Sam West
Date : 27/11/95, Publication : People

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